Sentosa Recruitment Agency

Looking For Work as a Nurse in the USA?

sentosa nursesNursing is currently one of the most exciting, rewarding, and in-demand jobs in the United States. As champions of health, disease prevention, and patient advocacy, it’s no wonder that nurses hold a highly respected profession. Despite this, the United States currently faces a nursing shortage as demand outpaces supply. This makes it the perfect time for nurses from the Philippines to move to America and take advantage of so many exciting nursing opportunities.

Sentosa Recruitment Agency was founded to help these Filipino nurses go through all of the processes needed to become nursing professionals in America. The agency is essentially a “one-stop-shop” that takes care of everything from recruitment and certification to immigration, licensing, and orientation into a new position. If you would like to thrive as a nurse working in America, Sentosa Recruitment Agency can help you make that dream a reality.

About Sentosa Recruitment Agency

A group of nurses founded Sentosa Recruitment Agency after realizing that so many Filipino nurses were eager to fill nursing vacancies in America. It’s the perfect solution, since Filipino nurses can make as much as 15 times more money working in America than the Philippines, all while helping America avoid a dangerous nursing shortage.

Sentosa Recruitment Agency consists of nurses, immigration specialists, and lawyers who help Filipino applicants move through the immigration and employment processes to ultimately become nurses in America. More than anything, Sentosa Recruitment Agency dedicates itself to making it as easy as possible for Filipino nurses to find new jobs and homes in the United States.

High Demand for Senior Care Nurses

America’s Baby Boomer generation is now entering old age, placing additional strain on the senior health care sector. More nursing professionals than ever before are now needed to
meet the demand for senior care related to illness, disease, and other age-related health concerns. Sentosa Recruitment Agency can also help Filipino nurses make that transition to qualify for employment in senior care.